Short Hair

Dampen short hair, slick it back and behind ears with gel for a low-maintenance wet look.

Braided/Twisted Front

French braid or twist bangs from temple to temple, secure with hairpin or elastic, and use hairspray for hold.

Add Volume

Use curling iron or rollers at the crown for added volume, then release and spray for a quick transformation.

Short Wavy Hair

Create loose waves with a 2-inch curling iron, leave ends straight for a natural look, and use texture spray to secure.

Braided Bun

Part hair, braid both sides, twist ends into a bun at the nape, and secure with an elastic. Try a messy bun for a casual look.

Easy Sweep With Hair Pins

Sweep hair behind the ear, secure with hair pins in parallel or shape for a chic look.

Knotted Ponytail

Create a ponytail, twist the base like a bun, pull ends through for a knotted ponytail with a twirled base and free-flowing ends.