8 Best Layered Haircuts For Every Hair Type & Length

Hidden layers add movement, volume, and texture to short fine hair. These layers should be almost the same length as the longest strands to shape and remove bulk without reducing thickness.

Short Fine Hair: Hidden Layers

Soft layers help remove weight and add volume to short fine hair. A blunt cut with light layers creates dimension. Using a volumizing primer can provide extra lift.

Short Fine Hair: Soft Layers

Interior layers work well for thicker short hair by reducing weight while maintaining length. Thinning shears can be used to remove bulk and texturize ends

Short Thick Hair: Interior Layers

The wolf cut, a mix of shag and mullet, is ideal for naturally curly short hair. Shape curls naturally and cut hair wet before further shaping as it dries for the best results.

Naturally Curly Short Hair: Wolf Cut

Square layers suit medium fine hair, especially when it grazes the collarbone. Soft layering adds volume and gives the illusion of thicker hair.

Medium Fine Hair: Square Layers

Light layers throughout medium-length fine hair add volume and beachy texture. This cut maintains length and fullness for an effortless look.

Medium Fine Hair: Beachy Texture

Choppy layers provide a cool, edgy vibe and reduce the weight of medium-length thick hair. This cut feels lighter and more manageable.

Medium Thick Hair: Choppy Layers

Heavy layers paired with textured bangs work well for medium-length naturally curly hair. Layering hairs on top of each other avoids a triangular shape.

Naturally Curly Medium Hair: Heavy Layers