90s Sitcom Classics: Shows That Still Make Us Laugh

Family Matters (1989 1998)

Family Matters used to be about the Winslow family, but then it became mostly about their nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel. The show was successful, but they used the Urkel character a bit too often.

Home Improvement (1991 1999)

Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor was a funny guy on a TV show about tools. But at home, he was just a regular dad to his wife and three boys, working hard like everyone else.

Roseanne (1988 2018)

The story of a regular American family was both funny and simple. Roseanne was like a milder version of the TV show Married with Children on Fox.

Married with Children (1987-1997)

The Bundy family was shown as the worst kind of American family on TV, yet people in America enjoyed watching them. The show lasted for 11 seasons and followed Al, who was a shoe salesman with no big dreams, and his family.

Roc (1991- 1994)

Roc was a TV show about a garbage man in Baltimore. He lived in a mostly black neighborhood facing a lot of social problems. The actors were great, so they started filming the show live in the second season.

In Living Color (1990 1994)

The only funny show like this on the list is In Living Color. It was like a city version of Saturday Night Live. It starred Jim Carrey, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Damon Wayans, Jamie Foxx, and Jennifer Lopez

Frasier (1993 2004)

Usually, when a TV show spins off from another one, it doesn't do well. But in 1993, something different happened. After "Cheers" ended, a new show started, focusing on Dr. Frasier Crane's life as he went back to his hometown of Seattle.

Ellen (1994 1998)

This is about a person who owns a bookstore. She learns about life and the world by talking to her friends, customers, and people from different backgrounds.