The 10 Best Vegetables, Herbs, And Fruits For Hanging Baskets

Arugula has spicy leaves, easy to grow in small spaces. Harvest baby leaves in a month, mature in two. Needs sun, shade in hot weather.


Cucumbers thrive in sunny spots during summer. Put them in baskets to keep them healthy and prevent fungal diseases like powdery mildew.


Grow loose-leaf lettuce in baskets for easy salads. Hang them high to keep pests away. Choose sunny or partly shaded spots to avoid bolting.


Peas like to climb, so grow them in a hanging basket. They prefer cool weather. Harvesting is easy with a hanging basket, and no pests! Fertilize every 2-3 weeks.


Radishes are spicy veggies, small and round or long and thin. They're great for hanging baskets in sunny spots. They need about 6 hours of sun daily.


Spinach, like lettuce, is great for hanging baskets. Pick container-friendly types like 'Little Hero'. Water it every few days to keep it tasty, not bitter.


Grow strawberries in a hanging basket! No worries about pests. "Strawberries are my favorite basket crop," says Farley. "My kids love picking and eating them."


Love tomatoes but no garden space? Grow them in baskets. It prevents diseases by allowing airflow and avoiding soil splashing.


Basil likes warmth and sun. Plant it with other herbs. Put basil in the middle if you grow many herbs together.


Thyme, a tasty herb, thrives in sunlight. Plant it where it gets sun all day. It can spill over baskets, so put it on the edges. Enjoy fresh herbs for cooking!