The 7 Biggest Small Kitchen Decorating Mistakes, According To Designers

It's important to recognize when less really is more, even for those of us who lean more maximalist in our design choices. "I think it's important to practice restraint with any small space."While it could be tempting to incorporate every imaginable feature during the planning stage, it's best to keep things simple in smaller areas.

Saying Yes to Everything

Occasionally, the decision that seems illogical turns out to be the best one. "I believe that choosing a tiny sink for a small kitchen can be a common mistake, as small sinks that aren't big enough to comfortably wash dishes can make the space feel even smaller by adding to the difficulty of the dishwashing process."

Choosing a Bitty Sink

In the same spirit, consider scale. "You should have a smaller refrigerator, range, and hood if your kitchen is small. "Walking into a small space and feeling like these appliances are looming can be overwhelming."

Going (Too) Big on Appliances

In order to create a statement, don't overdo decorative fixtures. "Less is more when it comes to lighting in a small space."I believe that having a single task light is preferable to having multiple competing lights.

Piling on the Lighting

A workhorse area like as a kitchen needs smart storage, and while the decision for cabinets over drawers is subjective, there are strong views regarding what's most practical: "In my opinion, drawers are the most practical feature in a kitchen, and you frequently see one drawer above two-door cabinets."

Skimping on Drawers

Instead of installing heavy upper cabinets that take up additional room, think about installing shelving.This will free up more space, give the impression that your ceilings are higher, and increase the room's openness without compromising storage.

Overlooking Shelving

A common mistake is to believe that a little kitchen can get by without all the same fixtures, extras, or finishing touches that a larger or more conventional kitchen can," says Liu. "Incorporate the same degree of individuality and viewpoint into a tiny room as you would any other area of the house, for instance.

Playing It Safe on Personality